Unisex Hygiene Kits

A. Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes. Travel pack of 15 Wipe
B. Soap, bar. Approx. 1 oz.
C. Individual Comb, Plastic, 5”
D Deodorant. Unscented
E. Facial Tissue. 2 Ply. Travel pack of 15 Each
F. Hairbrush. Plastic with medium bristles
G. Hand and body lotion. Approx. 2 oz
H. Hand Sanitizer Approx. 2 oz.
I. Razor, 3 blades with cover. Disposable
J. Shampoo approx. 2 oz
K. Conditioner approx. 2 oz
L. Shaving Cream approx. 2 oz
M. Toothbrush, Adult Soft brush in wrapper
N. Toothpaste. Approx. 0.85 oz
O. Mouthwash (antiseptic). Approx. 1.5 oz.
P. Washcloth. White, cotton. 12” X 12”
Q. Patch Handle Bag, Plastic, White 15” X 18” X 4”